Unless you're one of the few lucky ones that lives within Huasteca, you're going to need to travel here. The easiest way here is to fly and hire a car at the airport but for those who on a budget or looking for a adventure, road tripping or taking a bus will certainly earn you some stories!

Huge thanks to Dave Coleman of for allowing us to utilise his travel knowledge to Mexico when putting this together. 

By Bus

If you are looking for something cheaper than flying and less stressful than driving, taking a bus to Huasteca is a good option but you'll need to stay somewhere within the canyon

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By Car

Driving to La Huasteca from the United States border is a cheap and fun way to get the full Mexican experience – airplanes, buses and taxis limit what you see on your trip. Its particularly advantageous if you are traveling in a group with a lot of gear.

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By Plane

Flying to Huasteca is the easier option than driving or taking a bus. You will still need to hire a car once you arrive but If the cost is not an issue, this is for you.

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